• Josh Buck

    Pastor / Elder of Teaching & Vision

    Josh grew up just outside of Seattle, Washington. He never took God very seriously until the end of High School. Full of doubt, insecurity, and a terrible amount of self-confidence, he was unwilling to acknowledge that God wanted to change every aspect of his life. Late one night in his room, at the age of 18, Josh and God had a conversation. He either had to accept that Jesus had resurrected from the grave and as a result Josh needed to follow him or he needed to stop acting the part of church boy. Josh made the decision to follow Jesus. He moved to SoCal to attend Eternity Bible College. During this period Josh traveled the world, was on staff at Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, became a behavioral therapist through California Psych Care working with Autistic kids, and worked at Africa Renewal University. 

    He found his passions in working with kids, taking part in God’s global movement to save people, and teaching people about God. Then Josh met Diane. It took him about 7 days to realize he should marry her and within the year they were married. God affirmed Josh & Diane’s call to move to the city and in the fall of 2010, they moved to Northeast L.A. to start Antioch City Church of Highland Park.

    He pays the bills serving at Antioch & serving as a work-place Chaplain at Oak Harbor Freight Lines.

    Contact him at: josh@antiochhp.com

  • Robert Cruz

    Pastor / Elder of Operations

    Robert was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. He moved to L.A. as a teen and became involved in a Filipino gang downtown. He continued living a defiant lifestyle, moving back and forth from L.A. to Manila. After eight years of wandering through life he moved back to L.A. to marry the love of his life Joanna. This is when God grabbed ahold of his heart. He has been following the Lord ever since studying His word, serving in the local church, and telling people about Jesus. Robert loves seeing people understand who God is and begin to follow Him. He also loves the Lakers. He met Josh in 2010 and found out that he's planting a church in his own neighborhood. He knew right away that God crossed their paths for a reason and after much prayer and deliberation, Robert & Joanna joined Antioch. Over the course of the last year Robert & Joanna have joined Antioch Church and adopted two kids from the foster system. Robert works full-time as Pastor of Operations; where he makes sure everything gets done in front of and behind the scenes.

    Contact him at: robert@antiochhp.com

  • David Andrews


    David Andrews was born in Anchorage and raised in Atlanta. Although he grew up in a Christian home, it wasn't until he was 22 that he realized his need for a savior in Jesus Christ. As a kid in a broken, impoverished household, David quickly found himself frustrated by the challenges that come with such a life. The sin in his heart surfaced and anger, pride and rebellion became the basis of his identity. He chose to walk a path of defiance towards his parents, the law and God. In his trail were a string of broken relationships, bad habits and regret. One evening, the weight of his torment became unbearable and he submitted to the call of the Holy Spirit and asked Jesus into his heart. Suddenly the burden lifted and joy filled his heart. With a new heart for God, David continued to trust in Jesus as Lord of his life, both in times of victory and defeat. In the 12th year of his walk with the Lord, David remains amazed at the faithfulness of Christ to complete the good work that God began in him.

    Three years ago, David was introduced to Antioch after a friend recommended he attend a service. Shocked by the transparency of the pastors and the strong sense of community the members exhibited, David felt compelled to return. The more he saw the importance that Antioch placed on sound biblical teaching, the more encouraged he was to get involved in the ministry. From setting up chairs and working the sound board, to now accepting a role as a deacon, David maintains a consistent and prayerful desire to serve the church with his gifting. As a deacon, he looks forward to honoring God in service and continual encouragement towards his church family. 

  • Angelica Delgado


    I was born in Los Angeles and was raised in Highland Park, CA where I attended Buchanan Elementary and graduated from Franklin High School. I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness. At 19 years old, I got married and moved out of LA. However, at the age of 25 I got divorced but remarried at 31 and now I have two beautiful children. When I was 33 years old in a women's retreat, God called me to a personal relationship with Him. In the past, there were various broken relationships which God called me to forgive and reconcile. I experienced God's forgiveness (through the revelation of the Cross), He poured out His love and power over me. He restored my heart and mended my past & current relationships which He still continues to do.

    What I do now is preach, teach and lead others to a personal relationship with God. I'm a stay at home mom, but very proactive and always looking for ways to help as I'm led by the Lord. I am a licensed cosmetologist and enjoy doing makeovers. I love to teach women and young girls the real beauty of the Lord. Also, I conduct events at home to encourage my kids fellowship and faith. Currently I help out at church, AMP and volunteer at my children's school as much as possible. I'm currently working in some projects and always finding ways to grow in my walk with God and mature.

  • Joanna Cruz


    I was born and raised in the Philippines where I was the oldest among four siblings. My mom exposed us to the Catholic Church's teachings while my dad expressed freedom of choosing your own belief.

    The story of how I came to know the Lord is all about God's grace and Him patiently waiting. At seven, I attended a Baptist church and heard about Jesus and in my childish ways I fell in love with fun activities in the church but not in Him. After some unfortunate events, I stopped attending and lived a life of pursuing other things but Him. At 23, I migrated to Los Angeles to marry Robert whom at that time attended Faith Calvary Baptist Church. A few days before our wedding day, I accepted the Lord but mostly in fear of going to hell. In my new found belief, I started serving the Lord and His ministries. A few years later, the Lord called us to serve Him through the Foster Care and Adoption System; this season of my life opened my heart and my eyes to a deeper understanding of where I stand with the Lord. This made me understand how much I'm scandalously loved by Him. Becoming a foster parent, I realized how much it must have hurt God to give up his Son but then again because of His love for us.

    It was 2011 when we decided to join Antioch. Since then the Lord has been teaching me so many things about Him and about myself through his body of believers, marriage, parenting and life. In every stage and season I'm at, the Lord has been faithfully revealing to me how merciful and gracious He is. I'm excited to see what His plans are for Antioch and for the city.

    Currently, I work as a School Administrative Assistant in a local elementary school and full time mom to Gabby (10) and Alex (5).

  • Tom Sison


    Thomas was saved as a young kid in Redmond, WA. He realized he was a sinner saved by grace that needed to accept and believe that Jesus died on the cross for him. God continued to work in his life and demonstrate His amazing power through missions, travel and leading worship. After high school, God called Thomas to be a Physical Therapist. After a ridiculous amount of school he became just that. Tom also married his beautiful wife Dorian and they moved out to L.A. Thomas enjoys helping his patients return to their activities of daily living, leading musical worship at Antioch Church, and anything outdoors. He pays the bill as a physical therapist. 

    Contact him at: thomas@antiochhp.com

  • Parvati Greenelsh

    Deacon / Director of Women's Ministry

    Parvati, was born in Guyana, South America to a Hindu family and grew up in Jamaica after her father moved the family there in search of a better life. When she was eleven years old, she and her two younger sisters returned to Guyana and it was during this trip that she attended church for the first time and accepted the call to receive Christ as the one true God and as her Savior. 

    She has a strong passion to see women and girls come to know Christ and have their lives transformed by the good news of His gospel. She also loves writing and music. After spending time in the private sector doing Research & Development and Project Management, in 2008 she graduated from Biola University, Los Angeles with a major in Organizational Leadership.

    Parvati began attending Antioch in 2011 where she has been given the privilege to grow with many godly women and serve alongside them in ministering to the community in Highland Park. Her highest hopes are to see women in the area provided the privilege of accessing sound biblical teaching and vocational training so that they may be empowered as members of the community. She is married to her best friend Braven Greenelsh and has three children, Luka (6), Zara (4), and Asha (2).

    Contact her at: parvati@antiochhp.com