COVID19 Update


As of May 25th, the City of L.A. has permitted churches to gather in person. But with a list of requirements: you can read all the guidelines here. Since the announcement, our Directional Team has prayerfully decided to continue our virtual gatherings on Sundays. The decision was difficult and one that will remain fluid. We will continue to meet and ask God for wisdom and guidance as we seek to honor Jesus in our transition back to physical worship together. And of course, it was extra hard because we really miss you all! 

However, we affirm that the Bible calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves and therefore we are prioritizing the health and safety of the most vulnerable among us by not gathering in-person for now. We are also in the process of creating a transitional plan for future gatherings. We ask that you keep us in prayer and continue to show us grace as we navigate these unchartered territories.

I know that many of you have been carrying a heavy load all week. I am praying that you will be encouraged with the gospel of Jesus Christ as we gather tomorrow. May the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


The following Zoom resources will continue to be available during quarantine. As a church we are committed to remain in prayer, in fellowship & in God's Word.

Worship Service: 11am - 12pm every Sunday

Prayer Meetings: 8 - 8:20 am on Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Zoom Check-ins: 7 - 8 pm on Monday & Tuesday

Households: 7 - 8 pm on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

All theses resources are available through Antioch's Zoom line. Due to security purposes we cannot post the link publicly, so please email us at for the meeting ID.  


Below is summary of important events and opportunities we want you to know this coming week. Pastor Robert has explained some of them in today's service, and we will give you more information on some of them in the next few days.

Good Friday Contemplative Service: April 10th, 7 - 8 pm

Women's Online "Brunch": April 11th, 10 am - 12 pm with guest speaker

Resurrection Sunday Celebration: April 12th, 11 am - 12:30 pm 

Benevolence Fund

Many of us have been impacted financially by this crisis. If you would like to give directly to help those who are in need in our church & community, please click this LINK and under Your Donation Fund choose the "Benevolence Fund" option. 

If you need help during this time, please email us at .

There are also resources available to anyone affected by COVID-19 through LA County. Please reach out to Liz Andalon at for questions or assistance to various resources.

Our Weekday Resources are still available this week and can be accessed via Antioch's Zoom line, email us for the link.


We will continue to use Zoom to worship together this Sunday, March 29th, at 11am. We want to invite you to go online earlier so we can fellowship with one another! The line is open an hour before service time.

Some of our leaders will be available to pray with you right after the service. 

We appreciate that some of you invited your family and friends last Sunday! We want to encourage you to keep inviting people to our online gathering because God could use that opportunity to bring comfort to them.

If you have any questions, prayer requests or need help we can be reached at


This week we will have the following resources available as we continue to persevere during these challenging times. As a church we will remain in prayer, fellowship with one another and meditate on God's Word. 

Three-week Devotional: Click this link

Prayer Meetings: 8-8:20 am on Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Zoom Check-ins: 7-8 pm on Monday & Tuesday

Households: 7-8 pm on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

All these resources are available through Antioch's Zoom line.  For the link or more information please us at


On March 22nd Sunday, we will not be gathering physically. Instead we invite you to worship together with our Antioch Church family online at 11am. We will be using Zoom to connect with one another. If you would like more info please email us at

The past week our three Household Groups have already utilized Zoom and it also provides the most engagement for our church even from their homes. It's also less distracting that other platforms and it's as close as we are going to get to being together for now.

It would be ideal to download & log into Zoom prior to service to avoid any delays.  We will have tech support available an hour prior to our service start time of 11am. Please feel free to reach out to Ron or Missy for any questions as well. They will be on the call prior to our start time. You could also log in early to talk to others who are joining.

Please check back every Friday evening on this page for further updates.


All midweek Household gatherings will be cancelled this week, March 17-20. 

In replacement of this we will instead be having Household check-ins via Zoom call Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 7-8pm. Please check with your respective Household leaders for the link and more information. 

We still want to care for one another despite not being able to physically gather as a group and we hope by having these calls we can encourage & support each other in this challenging time.


In compliance with health experts & the authorities God has placed among us, we will not be having our usual Sunday gatherings at AMP Studios for the remainder of March.

However, this is a time to worship and pray together as a church. That said starting next Sunday, March 22nd, we will gather in smaller groups in homes across LA. 

We understand this pandemic is a financial strain on many of our members. If you need prayer, help or would like to get connected to a small group leader to worship for the following Sundays, please email us at:

We know this is temporary. Please check back here for weekly updates.