The story of Antioch began in 2011 with a simple vision: to plant multi-ethnic churches in Northeast Los Angeles centered on serving the neighborhood and loving our neighbors. Like a beautiful tapestry, followers of Jesus from various locations, churches, and backgrounds were captivated by this vision and came together to accomplish this goal. 

Through God's grace Antioch was formed. A multi-ethnic church family comprised of new and longstanding community members. That's why we chose the name Antioch City Church. Named after the first city in recorded history where the followers of Jesus from many different backgrounds were called 'Christians'. 

Like those early gatherings, we are united as one church family through our common identity as followers of Jesus. A people defined by God's love, our love for one another, and our commitment to loving the people and places of Northeast Los Angeles. 

In an ever-changing city, the story of Antioch continues through the love of a never changing God. We invite you to join us in our mission and continue the story of loving the people of Northeast Los Angeles. 


Antioch is partnered with Advance Movement and EFCA.