Highland park is _______

Antioch launched a social experiment fall 2013 in order to help Highland Park express their popular thoughts and feelings. 

These videos are a historic snapshot of an ever-changing area that needs organizations to honor the past and bring about the good we all desire for this beautiful community. Enjoy our completed project below:

What is Highland Park? The answer often lies in the eye of the beholder and is found within the culture, history, food, music, streets, and people.

HLP Is Fig: This film takes you on a historical journey into the historical realities and current issues facing Highland Park.

HLP is York: We interviewed over 100 people outside of Highland Cafe during the NELA Art Walk summer of 2014.


AMP was born out of Antioch's desire to serve the community of Highland Park. AMP's founder Josh Buck had a desire to start a program that would support kids in the city. It all began with one kid, Jesse. As Josh began to mentor Jesse he realized that there were many more kids in his situation. In 2014, AMP Los Angeles had its first summer camp where over 50 kids came to have fun and be supported by our mentors. 

Visit AMP's website here to get involved or learn more: amplosangeles.org

Watch our first fundraising video and get to know the heart of our program!

In Spring 2015 AMP held its first after-school Arts Program where a dozen kids worked with six mentors to learn the process of film-making. Since that time AMP's program have expanded with more mentors and youth.