During the week Antioch has multiple gatherings at different houses. During these mid-week gatherings we eat dinner, spend time, and discuss what we learned on Sunday.

Households are for believers and those desiring to learn more about Christianity. Come as you are.

During the COVID-19 crisis, our Directional team has prayerfully decided to offer an in-person gather option for those who are comfortable to meet physically for Households. Our Household leaders are working hard to ensure that these meetings are done responsibly with limited group sizes, and are by no means mandatory. 

In addition to limited, in-person households, we are also continuing to host online household options for those who would like to join or gather virtually rather than in-person at this time. We hope that allowing for some in-person meetings in Households will allow for those to be refreshed by one another's presence and enable you to worship together. 

For further updates during the COVID19 crisis, please visit this page.

For information contact Pastor Robert: robert@antiochhp.com